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New Year, New Body?

The beginning of the new year always comes with the pressure to make changes for the better. Most people go full-force for a few months and then fall off. However, it is crucial to keep that momentum going throughout the entire year to reap real results. Here are 3 ways to crush your new year’s body goals!


Number 1: Introspection and Goal Setting

The best place to start is the introspection. Take some time to check-in with yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Think about what makes you feel beautiful inside and out, as well as, things that don’t make you feel your best. Recognizing this can help distinguish between what you should focus your energy more on versus what you should leave behind in 2019. Next, goal setting which is simply putting down on paper or online what you want to achieve in the new year. Make a vision board or write in your notes, whatever format is most accessible. Creating this list will keep you accountable and provide motivation whenever you lose sight of your goals.


Number 2: Develop Healthy Habits

After you have finished goal setting, it is time to start implementing changes in your life. The most important aspect of changing your life is to create healthy habits for yourself. The key is to repeat an action to the point where it becomes a habit. It is important to note that different actions may take more time than others. Change never happens overnight if you make a mistake along the way, be patient with yourself. The easier and fun the activity is, the more likely you are to want to repeat that action. If you are not a fan of the gym, take dancing classes or switch to something you will find enjoyable. Eating habits are another major factor in a healthy lifestyle. Find time to meal prep for the week to avoid going out to eat. Opt for healthier alternatives if you do go out. Small changes are still steps in the right direction to achieving your new year goals.


Number 3: Noninvasive Body Sculpting


Lastly, our last step to achieve your New Year body goals is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment called Velashape. This noninvasive body sculpting trend has become increasingly more popular among clients according to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. It is the only FDA approved  body sculpting treatment available at this time, and has no downtime. It focuses on eliminating hard to reach cellulite and fat in those stubborn problem areas. Velashape uses bi-polar RF and optical energies with the combination of concurrent application of a vacuum. Essentially, it uses infrared light and suction to heat up fat deposits (cellulite) and shrink them. Results are real and can be seen as quickly as 3 sessions. 

After 3 Sessions:

After 5 Sessions:

That concludes our 3 ways to reach your new year, new body goals. All in all, it is about consistency. You have to commit to the process to see results! We hope this blog helped, and we wish you luck and prosperity in this new year!


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