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In the past 10 years, there have been numerous advances in anti aging technologies. Long gone are the days when face lifts seemed to be the only option for looking years younger. If you want to look younger without the pain, time and money of a big surgical commitment, here are some alternatives to going under the knife!

1.  Hyaluronic Acid

This magical skin care solution is proven to help hydrate the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a “sugar-based molecule that’s a basic component of the skin” as explained by dermatologist Dr. Schlesinger. This product is a natural hydrator, bringing water to itself and, thus, your skin. When applied, you will see the texture of your skin become much smoother and full. Although Hyaluronic Acid is most commonly known for hydrating the skin, it has also shown to have certain healing properties to wounds and scars.

This product is a go-to for anti aging guru’s because it aids in retaining the skins moisture. Naturally, as we age, our skin gets drier. Our collagen production also decreases, resulting in dry, wrinkled skin. With a consistent regimen of Hyaluronic Acid, your skin will be moisturized and more youthful. This product is best used after a deep cleansing European facial, so the impurities have been removed and the skin is bare and glowing. Dermaplaning is also recommended before use, to remove the very top layer of dead skin cells and allow the product to penetrate into fresh skin.

Interested in purchasing Hyaluronic Acid Products? Call us now at 407-843-7827 and ask about our medical-grade skincare!

2.  Retinol

No newcomer to the skincare game, retinol has been a favorite to aestheticians and consumers alike. Retinol is a a corrector of cells, using its Vitamin A properties to improve the texture and smoothness of the top layers of the skin. An over the counter retinol product will give you a fraction of the vitamin agents that true retinol contains. When using a medical grade retinol skincare product, it has actually been proven to even out your skin and discoloration.

It is no wonder that retinol is praised at reducing the signs of damaged and aging skin with its concentrated Vitamin A ingredients. Although it can seldom times create dryness and redness on the skin, it is always advanced to speak with your aesthetician or dermatologist before using a medical grade product and use it in conjunction with a strong moisturizer and sunscreen.

At Puar Elevated Beauty, we carry only the best medical grade skincare products and the retinol gel is one of the most asked for products. We recommend using retinol topical gels after one of our Chemical Peels, to really penetrate into the fresh cells and keep skin looking smooth and vibrant.

3.  EMatrix

Many men and women are now utilizing the benefits of non-surgical skin rejuvenation to remodel visible signs of aging and skin imperfections from the inside out.* For acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, and more, Liza Glickman utilizes the advanced eMatrix sublative rejuvenation system – the latest in non-surgical skin rejuvenation that targets non-surgical skin rejuvenation that targets skin imperfections at the source without damaging the surface.

This advanced system features Sublative RF™, a bipolar radiofrequency energy that is fractionated and creates deep dermal impact with minimal epidermal disruption. The radiofrequency energy safely bypasses the skin surface and targets skin imperfections at a cellular level, stimulating the skin’s natural healing response. Surrounding healthy skin and tissues are left intact and aid in the healing process for faster results.

We offer completely Complimentary consultations for clients interested in this non-invasive procedure – call us now to schedule!

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