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Education Series: What is BDR Microneedling?

Many non-surgical trends are taking over the world of skin aesthetics, including BDR microneedling. Many patients seek standard techniques of microneedling to address the common signs of aging that appear on our faces. These imperfections expose the roadmap of our lives. For example, sun damage, a loss of collagen, scarring, and fine lines all tell our stories to the world. 

Microneedling techniques can reduce and even prevent that damage. But it’s BDR microneedling that takes it a step further, commonly known as the “non-surgical facelift.”

BDR Microneedling B&A


Microneedling vs. BDR Microneedling 

By using a rolling device fitted with small needles, microneedling injects different serums into the skin. This technique results in tiny abrasions on the face. As a reaction, your skin will start the healing process and produce redness, swelling, and some bleeding and scabbing. Subsequently, it prompts the deeper layers of your skin to create collagen. This reaction smooths, treats common blemishes, evens skin tone, and reduces scarring and pore size. 

BDR stands for Beauty Defect Repair and is known commonly as the “non-surgical facelift.” It uses a four-step process that breathes new life into the skin and face. Our specialists ensure that the injected serums reach the depths of the dermal layers and properly hydrate the skin. 

This preparation process allows BDR to be gentler on the surface. And at PUAR Elevated Beauty, microneedling treatments are safe for all types of skin. Even those with traditionally sensitive skin that is more susceptible to heightened or allergic reactions can benefit. Watch our Instagram videos to watch the process in action. 


The Process

Patients see enhanced results when combining methods. For example, many treatment plans use micro peels, dermabrasion, therapeutic blue light, massage, and LED masks. And in many cases, our PUAR Elevated Beauty specialists have been able to reverse the signs. 


Preparing the Skin

Firstly, BDR microneedling starts with a facial to clean the skin and reduce any surface-level contaminations. It’s essential to start with a properly cleaned face without any abrasions. Secondly, specialists use a gentle peel using glycolic or salicylic acid. This step prepares the skin for a round of microdermabrasion. Most importantly, your skincare specialist will buff and remove any dead skin cells that can get in the way of microneedling benefits.

BDR microneedling concludes with a traditional microneedling session. Specialists inject the tailored serums into the deeper dermis layer of the skin. Subsequently, the small abrasions trigger your body’s reaction to heal and produce collagen. The first three steps are vital to the process by cleaning and preparing the skin to absorb the hydrating serums. Preparing the skin also results in less swelling, redness, and bleeding, as well as better results.

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Combating Dehydration

Many issues of aging—such as fine lines, loss of elasticity, dull skin tone, and large pores—are aggravated by dehydration. As we age, our skin naturally loses its moisture content, which starts to take a toll on our face. PUAR Elevated Beauty’s BDR microneedling techniques prioritize the need for moisture by first prepping the skin to absorb the ultra-hydrating serums. This method boosts the body’s reaction and production of collagen. 

Other techniques also help the skin to absorb the serums better and combat dehydration. These methods include calming LED light, gel masks, and massage. With BDR microneedling, PUAR Elevated Beauty assures that your skin will look its best without the need for invasive procedures or excessive irritation. 


As a non-surgical cosmetic clinic, PUAR Elevated Beauty helps you achieve body goals in the healthiest way possible. Call us at 407-THE-PUAR or book your free consultation today!

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