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The reality of treating hyperpigmentation (aka dark spots) on dark skin.    The reality is that dark skin is just as susceptible to melasma and hyperpigmentation just as much fair-toned skin. Patchy spots and discoloration on the skin can be irritating and difficult to cover up. Many treatments focus solely on removing melanin from the…

Skip that Winter Dryness 5 Ways to have Glowing Skin. With that Florida winter and dry, cold air coming in, there are some ways to prepare the skin to look its best, even with mother nature working against us! Here at  Puar Elevated Beauty our mission is to educate and inspire because we believe everyone…

Valentine Day Approved Food Indulge without Breakouts Valentine’s Day is days away! The excitement of having a magical day with your loved one is hard to control. By now, Valentine prepping has commenced! Nails, hair, makeup, so many things to do before the V-Day. The last thing you need is a breakout or dry skin…

Endermologie versus VelaShape Which Body Sculpting Method is Better? This new year is all about reaching your body goals! There a lot of different body contouring treatments out in the market that promise to trim fat in hard to reach places. It can be overwhelming researching all of the potential options. Fortunately, our PUAR skincare…

New Year, New Body? The beginning of the new year always comes with the pressure to make changes for the better. Most people go full-force for a few months and then fall off. However, it is crucial to keep that momentum going throughout the entire year to reap real results. Here are 3 ways to…

The Nonsurgical Facelift Have you heard about the nonsurgical facelift? A method that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles just like a facelift without having to go under!? It is no myth, the facts are in, and BDR Microneedling technology is the real deal. If you want to learn more about this nonsurgical facelift, keep reading.…

3 ways to get rid of cellulite for in time for bikini season! Call us today to schedule your Complimentary Velashape Body Sculpting demonstration and consultation. 407-843-7827

Time to Spring into a New Skincare Routine With spring around the corner, your skincare routine should be updated to withstand the humidity and heat the is on its way. Here are some tips from dermatologists themselves that will properly prepare you for the season ahead. Exfoliation The winter weather can cause some serious skin…

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    Hello I would highly recommend velashape to anyone who really wants to get their body back trust me I've been trying every exercise workout programs every diet programs none works but velashape worked thank you Lisa!!

    - J.S. -

    I have been extremely impressed with the results I have received with my eMatrix treatments. I have tough, acne scarred skin and traditional dot laser treatments did nothing for me. I felt I wasted my money. After 6 treatments, I could not be more pleased with the improvement in my skin’s texture, smoothness, pour size, firmness — I look years younger using this treatment and I will continue doing it to keep my skin young and vibrant. I LOVE this machine and Liza for her expertise in using it.


    I have troublesome skin with lots or redness and large pours. Liza’s facials really help minimize the redness and my pours always look so much better. Liza is a wonderful aesthetician. She is the only one I will use.

    - K.O. -

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