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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, since 2000, the number of minimally invasive procedures being done has grown 200 percent and it is not slowing down. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists weigh in on the procedures that will be trending in 2019.

Injectables Will Be More Accessible

We are currently in a time where minimally invasive medical aesthetic procedures are dominating, and they will continue to dominate. These procedures have a low downtime, lower cost, and barely invasiveness. There is also a lower stigma about procedures involving lasers and skin resurfacing and injectables which makes them more attainable. Here at Puar Elevated Beauty we offer many non-invasive treatments like eMatrix and VelaShape as well as injectables like Botox and Juvederm.

Time to Enhance Natural Features

People are no longer looking for exaggerated procedures that drastically change their appearance. Now people want a more natural procedure that will not look obvious. People are asking for little tweaks or micro-optimizations that will help them look like filtered versions of themselves at all times.

Body Contouring on the Rise

Body contouring is rising in popularity because they are less invasive than other fat loss procedures that require you to cut through the skin. There are many different types that use different technologies, for example, CoolSculpting, EmSculpt, and the one we use in house here at Puar Elevated Beauty, VelaShape. VelaShape is our body sculpting procedure that provides skin

Medical Tourism is Over

The time when people would go to third world countries for cheap plastic surgery is over since people are reconsidering how effective and safe it is. People are not willing to sacrifice a good procedure just to save money anymore.

Preventative Treatments Will Be Big

There will be a rise in younger people doing preventative treatments to provide maintenance to the skin instead of later when the skin conditions may be more drastic.

This 2019 is the year to take the leap and take control of your body and face to be the best you possible. Here at Puar Elevated Beauty we want to help you in that journey and help you reach those goals. Call 407-843-7827 to schedule your appointment for the new year!

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