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Traditional Microneedling Versus Our BDR Treatment

Microneedling is a big trend in the minimally invasive branch of the skin aesthetics industry. It is a dermaroller procedure that uses small needles to inject the skin with a serum that addresses different skin issues. The main purpose of the treatment is to initiate the creating of collagen and to smooth the skin tissue for firmer, more glowing skin. It treats wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and large pores.

The side effects of a traditional microneedling treatment are some procedures leave you bleeding a bit and with scabs immediately after. There is also redness in the skin the days after.

With our procedure, there is no downtime or discomfort at all. There is only redness for a few hours at best. There is no scabbing or bleeding. It is much gentler on the skin and works for all skin types.

This an immediate after photo of a traditional microneedling session.

This is a photo immediately after our BDR treatment.

The difference is staggering.

Here is another before and after.

Our treatment is also an all-in-one that includes a deep cleansing, microdermabrasion, and the microneedling procedure. The reason for all the separate steps is that it helps the product absorb into the skin more effectively. With this treatment, we make sure your face is a blank canvas ready to be injected with the serum that best suits your skin.

With our new treatment, you will be amazed by the immediate results that you will see just minutes after the treatment is done. There will be less visible fine lines and smoother skin. Don’t hesitate and call us at 407-843-7827 to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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